In October 2014, Xpress Self-Storage built its first location in Mitchell, Ontario. The building, known as Building A, only has 32 indoor units of all different sizes. In Spring 2015, Xpress Self-Storage expanded its' product line to include outdoor storage, starting only with 9 parking spots. As demand increased for indoor storage units within the West Perth community, Xpress Self-Storage expanded its operation in May 2016 to offer 28 more units of various sizes under Building C. In Spring 2018, Xpress Self-Storage built another indoor storage building known as Building D with 34 units. In spring 2019, construction began to build another indoor storage building E with 30 units. Once construction was completed, an additional 9 outdoor storage spots were created in Section F.


Xpress Self-Storage
Owned and Operated by H & M Units Inc.
154 Holmes Road, Mitchell, Ontario

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