• To prevent dampness, put your boxes on pallets, which are provided for free at the location.
  • For things that you need to access more frequently, put them at the front or leave an aisle through the center of the unit.
  • To prevent any lumpiness or your mattress becoming bent, stand your mattress straight up on its side have something leaning against it on both sides to prevent it from falling over.
  • Put any electronics or valuables in the back of your unit.
  • Protect any fragile items by wrapping them in bubble wrap or cloth and labeling the box fragile on every side.

Storage Tips

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  • Stand any mirrors and pictures in a box labeled fragile on every side.
  • For maximum ventilation, don’t lean any furniture or mattresses along the walls of the unit.
  • Avoid placing any heavy items on sofas or mattresses.
  • Place heavier boxes on the bottom and stack similar sized boxes together.
  • Use boxes that are able to hold about 35 to 40 pounds and have a secured bottom/sides to prevent your items from falling through the bottom.